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Minimalist Church

Roman Catholic Diocese of San Angelo

Digital Transformation - Customer Success Story

Past Situation

  • The Diocese had a legacy document management system in place that was not meeting their basic needs

  • Files were disorganized, no metadata in place, searching was slow to pull up results, documents were loading too slowly or hanging up, and overall, frustrating for the end-users to use

  • Support was non-existent from their previous vendor and the Diocese felt outcasted in their digital transformation journey

Current Solution

  • The Diocese chose the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution as their new document management system through the Laserfiche® authorized reseller named Digital Age Tech Consultants

  • Document/files from the legacy system were successfully migrated into the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution.  Documents were OCR’d to make them text searchable.  Metadata was put in place for better document categorization and organization for better searching and retrieving of vital records

  • Better support and faster customer service from Digital Age Tech Consultants

  • Finally, happy end-users due to the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution being super user-friendly and very intuitive


Founded in 1961, the Diocese of San Angelo is a prominent Catholic faith-based diocese serving 29 counties in Central and West Texas.  The Diocese has a rich history with records dating back to the 1600s of the Jumanos tribe receiving the first sacraments and attending Mass at the confluence of the Concho Rivers which would one day be near the City of San Angelo.  They envision themselves as a Church with vibrant, welcoming communities in which people encounter, support, and accompany one another on the path of missionary discipleship, learning and living the Catholic faith, supporting families, and building up the next generation of Catholics.  So, as a Diocese that supports over 100,000 Catholics encompassing over 37,000 square miles of land, there is a huge need to document/archive vital historical files.


In the past, the Diocese made a move to go paperless back in 2017 and scan the archive files into their legacy document system for a few years.  As the scanning project was completed, the end-users became more active in using the legacy document system but quickly issues came to light.  When Mike Wyse, Chancellor for the Diocese of San Angelo, used the legacy document management system, searching was the biggest complaint.  “Documents would just not load and I could not tell if the system was searching for documents since there was no load screen”, said Mike.  When searching was slow, end-users had to click around the system to find documents.  No metadata was in place and some documents were not OCR’d.  Searching became a very tedious and time-consuming task for the users and some searches took hours or days to find critical documents.  There just seemed to be no path in place to overcome their challenges.  The Diocese tried to work with their previous vendor but there was no success and things seemed to just get worse.  However, everything changed for the better when Mike received a call from Tim Yuniskis, VP of Business Strategy from Digital Age Tech Consultants.  Almost like a calling from above.  Tim offered to present Laserfiche® to the Diocese and Mike agreed to check out Laserfiche®.  Tim showed a Laserfiche® demo to Mike and at the end of the demo, Mike said, “The Laserfiche® system is really slick!  It is time to get off this horse and hop on a new horse!”  From there, Mike and the folks from the Diocese made the decision to move forward with procuring the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution as their new document management system through Digital Age Tech Consultants.

Implementation and Achievements

So, what was next after getting the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution in place?  The project plan was to migrate documents out of the legacy document management system and push them into the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution.  However, Digital Age recognized that some of these files needed to be OCR’d and the files needed metadata for better document categorization.  As Digital Age led the data migration project, Digital Age was able to successfully transfer all the files out of the legacy document management system, clean up the files with extra metadata, OCR the documents to be text-searchable, and finally have the documents be stored in a logical folder structure within the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution.  “Working with Tim at Digital Age has been fantastic and he is super responsive in getting back with me on the different questions I have on the Laserfiche® system.  He is very supportive of us here at the Diocese.” Mike said.  Searching has been a breeze and transitioning to Laserfiche® has improved document retrieval with searches now taking sometimes seconds for search results to come up in comparison to hours/days from their legacy document management system.  Finally, as the Diocese continues to use the Laserfiche® Cloud solution, future plans for expansion are on the books.  “This was a match made in heaven!” stated Tim.  “Mike and the staff at the Diocese are the nicest group of folks I have worked with and we just clicked in our collaborative efforts to getting the Laserfiche® Cloud Solution up and running.  More to come for sure as we keep working together on the Laserfiche® project!” says Tim.

To learn more about how Digital Age can help you like Tim helped the Diocese of San Angelo, please click on the Contact Us button below and Tim will be happy to help!

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