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Behind every great software solution lies its incredible functionality.  Below, you'll find a selection of features that may spark your organization's interest in choosing a software solution to help meet your needs for a Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) or a Content Services Platform (CSP).  Please note that not all features are included in every package we offer.  To learn more, please reach out to us through the Contact Us button below.

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Workflow / Process Automation

Are all of your business critical tasks being done manually and then you have to key in data values to multiple systems manually too?  Digital Age Tech Consultants offers solution packages that have Workflow capabilities to automate different business processes.  Process Automation tools can help route appropriate documents to the right contacts for approvals.  On top of that, Workflow can help auto-name documents, index data, push data to other systems, and route those documents to a back-end document management system.  To learn more about Workflow or if you want to see Workflow in action, please contact us below. 

Connector / Integrations / APIs

Does it seem like you are using too many software systems and your data is not accurate across those multiple systems?  Digital Age Tech Consultants can help you with this issue.  We offer solutions/tools to help integrate your various solutions, have your data be updated across your multiple platforms, and so much more.  To learn more, please contact us below.

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