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Business Meeting


Getting started with implementing new technology like Laserfiche® for your organization or starting on new projects internally are always a challenge.  Digital Age Tech Consultants provides business process consulting services to help your organization not only get started on these initiatives but help you throughout the process until we reach the finish line.  We provide a consultative approach to help you streamline your business operations and make them more efficient.  We work with you and your team to map out your business processes from start to finish, provide expert guidance, and at the end, recommend technology solutions to meet your project goals.  Need help making that first step or want to learn more about Laserfiche®?  Contact us below to schedule a consultation and we will be happy to further discuss your project.

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Data Migration Services

Are you using legacy document management systems and need to retain your documents to migrate them over to a new document management system like Laserfiche®?  If so, Digital Age Tech Consultants can help map out the back-end of your current system and come up a data migration strategy to move the documents into Laserfiche®.  On top of that, we can do some cleanup, make/edit key metadata points for the documents, and so much more.  To learn, please contact us below.

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