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Digital Age Tech Consultants is pleased to offer different software solution packages below for you to go digital.  We understand there are a lot of options out there in the market and different types of companies you can choose but here at Digital Age, we offer various software solution packages to meet your specific needs for your digitization initiatives.  To learn more, please contact us below and we will be happy to engage with you further.

Binder and Files

Document Management System (DMS)

Are you still dealing with paper files and physical records?  Are they also stored in filing cabinets and banker boxes?  Digital Age Tech Consultants offers Laserfiche® document management system (DMS) software solutions to help your organization go paperless.  With a DMS system in place at your organization, you will be able to easily search for your mission critical files online and not have to sift through physical paper files ever again.  On top of that, naming conventions and metadata will be implemented to categorize the documents for better file organization.  To learn more, please contact us below and we will be happy to help!

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Are you currently utilizing older legacy software systems?  Are there limitations preventing you from enhancing your functionality to meet the increasing demands of your growing organization?  Digital Age Tech Consultants provides Laserfiche® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software solutions designed to assist your organization in effectively overseeing the complete lifecycle of various digital content circulating within your system.  Some documents include invoices, employee files, applications, and much more.  ECM incorporates workflows and E-forms to ensure that documents are directed to the appropriate individuals to streamline business processes. On top of that, all of the documents are stored in a secured online repository for record-keeping purposes.  To learn more, please contact us below and we will be happy to assist!

Data Processing

Content Services Platform (CSP)

Is your current ECM not cutting it for you?  Digital Age Tech Consultants offers Laserfiche® Content Services Platform (CSP) solutions to make your organization transform to a complete digital ecosystem.  It is a modern solution designed to manage all your digital content, automate business processes, integrate with your other software solutions, provide reporting capabilities, and increase employee efficiency. Investing in a CSP solution will accelerate digital transformation, increase collaboration among team members across multiple departments, and help your organization gain a competitive advantage in today's fast paced world.  To learn more, please contact us below and we will be willing to explore further with you on you digitization project.

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